Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hi, I'm Kinga, nice to meet you

To start off, I am not new to blogging. I had a blog before and some of you might be coming here because that blog sent you here but some of you are new. So whatever you are, new / old... hi! Hello. How are you? I am a 14 year old photographer that will be sharing my thoughts, life and photography with random people on the internet, like you. To find out more about me click here. 

The reason I quite writing my previous blog it's because it started to get too chaotic. I had too much spam on it and this caused me to think that people don't actually care about the content of my posts and I lost interest in photography and blogging. That felt terrible. I gave myself the summer's break to organise my ideas, my photography and future plans. Now I'm starting off with a fresh beginning. I hope you will be looking forward to go on this journey with me.

I will start posting regularly sometime in October so stay tuned. Follow me :)

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  2. Spam is what I really hate in blogging now.
    Keep doing your best and stop caring about chaos - we're all a lil bit chaotic these days ;)

  3. to new beginnings. sometimes a fresh start makes all the difference in the world. xo

  4. Great pictures! I will definitely stop by again!

  5. Ah so this is a new fresh start for you. :) Well you started off with some beautiful building, I really like the classic look of it.
    Hope to see more soon.

  6. So glad I've found your blog:) im going to bookmark it and come back, because I really like your photography. Best of luck on this blog!

  7. You have an amazing "photography eye" for a 14yearold! Really beautiful photos!


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