Sunday, October 12, 2014

Living in London

Hi there! So most of you know I live in London. I absolutely love this place, and when I see so many people wanting to come and see London I feel so privileged to live in this city. I got a request to do this post, so I'm going to do it for you. 

  I found a huge variety of cafes during this trip!


I came to London with my parents at the age of 3. Yes, just 3 years old! I went to normal English schools and eventually picked up both languages fluently. I have Polish and English speaking friends. 

My favourite place to be in, is obviously the very Central London, I guess I just like the atmosphere. There's something going on all the time. Whether it's a concert or some kind of dancing show, you will NEVER get bored in Central London. You can always find something interesting to do (and a lot of tourists)! 

As long as I live in London, I've never been inside the London Eye! *don't judge* :D I obviously saw it but for some reason I never actually been on it. 

I saw the Queen 3 times in my life!

What country do you live in & what do you love about it? Let me know! I love reading your comments.


  1. I do envy you for living there ;) xoxo

  2. Gorgeous photos, I would love to live in London!
    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog :)

  3. I am absolutely in love with the pictures! Especially the last one :)

  4. Oh, I really want to know London! And see the city from the London Eye :}
    Well... I'm from Brazil. And I love Chapada Diamantina (a brazilian national park located in the state of Bahia).


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